Trauma is a deeply disturbing experience resulting from single or multiple events such as bullying, sexual abuse or domestic violence.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma is a deeply disturbing event or experience resulting from single or multiple events such as bullying, sexual abuse or domestic violence. Providing a broad definition however is difficult because each persons experience is different and in some cases there may be no particular memory of a traumatic event due to adapting to a dysfunctional family life or abusive relationship for example.  It might be that you are living with symptoms (see below) that tell you something is not right. 

I have outlined some causes of trauma but there are many others such as witnessing an accident or a natural disaster; like an earthquake or extreme weather event. Then there are incidents such as rape, robbery or kidnapping perhaps the sudden loss of a friend or family member or a relationship break up which engenders deep irresolvable feelings. 

Trauma symptoms can include:

  • Persistent sadness or low mood/despair.
  • Flashbacks to a distressing event
  • Nightmares/sleep problems.
  • Unpredictable emotions, excessive worry or fear.
  • Physical symptoms which have no medical explanation.
  • Intense feelings of guilt as if you are responsible for the event.
  • An altered sense of self or intense feelings of shame. (I am not good enough)
  • Feelings of isolation or hopelessness.
  • A recent situation has triggered overwhelming feelings out of proportion to the situation itself.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but symptoms in any of these areas indicates that Counselling could be deeply beneficial.

Key Areas of help

  • ACC funded sexual abuse counselling.
  • One on one critical incident debrief/review.
  • Childhood abuse trauma counselling.

Want to know more?

If you have questions about counselling or want to know more, please contact Sue McCoy.

About Counselling

Well-being is a complete integration of mind, body and soul and when there is a struggle going on it can be difficult to work out which part or parts of us are causing the problem.  Counselling is primarily about surfacing perceptions, beliefs and behaviours so the client can understand themselves better.

What to Expect

When approaching counselling especially for the first time and/or meeting a new counsellor it is possible that you will be nervous. Talking about personal issues is challenging and people can have strong emotions and physical feelings particularly just prior to the first session. Discover some pointers to try and help with this.


There are lots of questions that you may be asking yourself prior to counselling.

How can I prepare myself for counselling?

What can I do to help with the nerves?

Can I bring a support person?

What if I’’m nervous about going to my appointment?


Your session cost will be confirmed with you prior to counselling (or at the first session) and payable prior to or at each session via cash, online banking or bank deposit. In some cases sessions will be shorter or longer but generally the same fee is charged.


I am passionate about my work and proud of the qualifications I have achieved.  In addition to this and the annual training that is important for this role, I have seen the value of counselling first hand. This is in my own journey as a child to parents now deceased, a marriage partner, as Mum to two children (now in their twenties) and as a friend and a colleague in the workplace. This is the professional and personal base from which I offer counselling.


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