Introduction & Welcome

Who am I?

Hi I’m Sue McCoy Counsellor and developer of this course. I have worked as a Therapist since 1998. I have been in my own practice for the last 16 years providing individual counselling in a wide range of areas along with group work and personal development. I am looking forward to presenting the educational focus of this online programme.

Who am I is a question that is often asked by clients and I recognise that as a quest for more self awareness. Self awareness is something that is often developed in the counselling room in response to questions such as; I do not know who I am or who am I?However we often we don’t get time in therapy to cover the topic to the extent that many people would like. That is why I have put together this course with this specific focus of raising self awareness and giving some context to the who am I question. This is not a counselling course but a personal development tool.

There will be an opportunity to connect with me at the end to share and review your discoveries.
Please refer to the definition videos for any ideas you don’t understand.

Special Note: Notes about Anxiety producing and depth of discovery. (NZ helpline contact numbers).