Introduction & Welcome

Who am I?

Hello and welcome, I’m Sue McCoy Counsellor and developer of this course ,Who am I. I have worked as a Therapist since 1998. I have been in my own practice for the last 16 years providing individual counselling in a wide range of areas along with group work and personal development. I am looking forward to presenting the educational focus of this online programme.

One of the reasons I have developed this course is because a large number of my clients present asking “Who am I” and this is something that can thoroughly be looked at in therapy but it is also able to be looked at in a journey of personal discovery such as this course format.

So if you are here today you may have purchased this course to do alongside your current therapy or you may have purchased this course with or without the individual session at the end. Whichever way you are doing it welcome and I look forward to journeying with you.

The course itself is not therapy so lets be really clear about that, its not therapy but it is a chance to grow your self awareness or self discovery which is a great first step for mental and emotional wellbeing. The Mental Health foundation describe Wellbeing as having the tools, support and environments we need to be who we are and to build and sustain lives worth living.

I think that’s a great definition so good on you for taking this valuable first step in developing a greater understanding of who you are!

The format of the course is broken up into four modules which are:

  1. Your history including your family history which is the context of your childhood.
  2. Your roles. The roles you currently fill including the roles you live or maybe are stuck with.
  3. Personality and Character looking at your personality type and your character strengths are including the characters and values you are not so good at.
  4. Putting it all together with a this is me map which you can develop along the way and bring it altogether at this point or from the material you have compiled along the way.
  5. The one on one session if you have chosen that.

I would encourage you to take at least a week if not longer to do each module. The course itself will stay open for you for six months so no need to rush but work out a timeframe that suits you and gives you plenty of space for relfection on the material. Allowing time and space for reflection on each of the topics will enhance the self discovery process.

So often personal development is a tick box list of things to be achieved goals that must be obtained at the very least least something we must do. I’m not a big fan of the tick box try harder model. This approach is more about taking an inventory. some self discovery around the things you may already know about yourself but have not thought too much about and some things you may not have even realised about yourself. Developing your intuitive skills of self knowledge and observation.

Remember, this is self discovery take the time to make it meaningful and I will give you some tips and pointers along the way to enhance your reflection. So hoping this will be an insightful and meaningful journey for you and please check out the next set of videos what you will need!

Special Note: Notes about Anxiety producing and depth of discovery. (NZ helpline contact numbers).